Law Firm Data Security: Experts on How to Protect Legal Clients’ Confidential Data

Law-Firm-Data-SecurityNate Lord wrote an article for the Digital Guardian, citing Jane Muir as an expert in Law Firm Data Security.[1]

“For companies that provide services to clients, data security is always an important part of business. With lawyers and law firms, however, who are constantly entrusted with highly sensitive information about their clients as a course of business, the need for effective data security is of even more critical importance.

We wanted to help lawyers and law firms of today ensure that their clients’ confidential data and intellectual property are secure: what issues do they face, what requirements need to be in place, what aspects of legal data security are commonly overlooked, and what are the implications of some common decisions around storing and sharing legal data? To do that, we asked several practicing lawyers and data security experts this question:

“What technologies and/or processes are in place to protect your clients’ sensitive information?”

See what our experts had to say below in the full article, found here.

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