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Jane is amazing! We had an urgent situation and she stepped in ready to hit the ground running. She had expertise beyond what we were expecting and has been a valuable resource. She is exactly who you want on your team, highly recommend.

Philip Gadala

How can I give 100 stars to Jane Muir? There needs to be that option on here!! She is an exceptional attorney and equally extraordinary person. She got into the business of law for all the right reasons: to assure that justice is served for her clients.

Francesca Cruz

Jane, has been my attorney on a wide array of legal matters. She is exceptional. An utmost professional, always responsive, caring, brilliant. I can not say enough about this attorney. I would never go to anyone else.

Janet Turcios

Unable to find an attorney willing to litigate, I called the Miami-Dade County Bar Association; who referred me to Jane Muir for consultation. It was a perfect arrangement. Jane immediately grasped the essence of my complaint and provided

Luis Salvat

Jane is an absolute professional. She has been my legal council for years and always has multiple options available for advice. Her council has been invaluable.

Aimee Beah Moore

Jane Muir handled a small matter for me. Besides having earned my confidence in her abilities to get things done, she is also a pleasure to work with; she is friendly, has a great smile, and takes care of business. I would hire her again in a second!

Michelle M.

I highly recommend Jane Muir! She provided us with a legal consult that left us with peace of mind and a sense of confidence that we had received accurate answers. Jane was very friendly and respectable of our time.

Tensie R.

My girlfriend and I had been battling a moving company for our belongings for almost 2 months, and we did not know what to do. We got referred to Jane Muir, for a free consultation, and she was able to give us tremendously helpful advice for us to take action. She was very responsive and empathetic to our situation. With her advisement, we are proceeding with legal action to reclaim our items! I highly recommend her services for anyone struggling with a moving company or contract.

Michael D.

How can I give 100 stars to Jane Muir? There needs to be that option on here!! She is an exceptional attorney and equally extraordinary person. She got into the business of law for all the right reasons: to assure that justice is served for her clients. And she doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. She’s professional, detailed, a great communicator, hands-on, timely, a great listener, empathetic, yet driven and determined.

Francesca C.

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Why Does Your Business Need A Lawyer?

Want to know how a Miami business lawyer can help you succeed? Check out our free resources.

Our mission is to protect your business and your livelihood. No matter if your business is still a spark of genius ready to be formed, or if you need someone to fight for you in court — we can help.

How can general counsel make my business more profitable?

I don't want to sell, but who will manage my business after I retire?

I suspect a key employee is stealing from my business. What can I do?

Is there anything I can do to increase the value of my business before I sell it?

My business partner refuses to share information and control with me What can I do?

My former employee is competing against me using my trade secrets What can I do?

What is the difference between an employee and a contractor?

What permits and licenses do I need to operate legally?

When is it time to take legal action when a debt has not been paid?

Why is it important to have an attorney review a contract before you sign it?


Does your business have the legal foundation and protections it needs to survive?

As a business owner, you cannot leave anything to chance if you want to have any hope of achieving your goals. It is essential that you mitigate your risk and protect your investment through the use of various contracts and agreements, but sometimes it can be difficult to known which contracts you should use and when to use them. That’s why we’ve put together this FREE resource which details 8 Types of Contracts That Every Business Should Understand and Use. Just click below and follow any on-screen instructions to get started with your download and access this resource at no cost.


What can a business lawyer do for your business?

Do you own a business? If so, you’re in the right place. Business lawyers help owners understand the legal issues associated with running a business and navigate a productive path forward. Commercial Litigation. Business Transactions. Business Litigation. General Counsel. Everything you need to help make your business grow and flourish.

What is the difference between civil and commercial litigation?

In civil litigation, parties (including individuals) dispute a matter without being charged with a crime. Commercial litigation involves the dispute of business contracts where two or more business entities are in disagreement.

Should a small business hire a lawyer?

Taking extra steps the protect the longevity of a business is never a bad idea. Mistakes happen too often… they’re costly, time-consuming, and can really make or break a business. Business owners need someone who is knowledgeable in state and federal business law and driven to help them succeed.

What is the role of general counsel?

A general counsel’s (GC’s) primary responsibility is to provide legal advice to the business. Other important duties executed by the general counsel include:

• Providing management with expert legal advice and strategic guidance.

• Ensuring internal governance policies are followed, and external factors are managed.

• Analyzing and weighing multiple inputs and impacts when making a decision or taking action.

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