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We understand that you don’t want to trust the intricate and sensitive details of your company’s legal matters to just anyone. You want a proven track record of client satisfaction and demonstrated success. We are proud to share with you some of the thoughts and experiences of our previous clients. We hope they will provide you with peace of mind that our firm will dedicate ourselves to helping your business succeed and achieve its goals with knowledgeable enthusiasm and passion.


Here is what our clients have to say:

Jane is an absolute professional. She has been my legal council for years and always has multiple options available for advice. Her council has been invaluable. Highly recommended!
Aimee Beah Moore
Unable to find an attorney willing to litigate, I called the Miami-Dade County Bar Association [Lawyer Referral Service]; who referred me to Jane Muir for consultation. It was a perfect arrangement. Jane immediately grasped the essence of my complaint and provided me with an oversight of the strategy and protocol to prevail. I was immediately impressed with her willingness, without hesitation, to pursue litigation, if such was necessary.
Luis and Karen S.
Jane, Lana and Lincoln took on a case against my landlord that everyone doubted I would win. The people that work at this firm are true angels. Not only did they fight to win me my case…but Jane went as far as helping me find a new place to live in. I have never seen such supportive lawyers in my life. They treat you with love and support as if you were family to them! CALL THEM IF YOU NEED HELP!
Natasha A.
Jane Muir is a dynamic and driven lawyer. As I consulted with her about starting my own practice, she shared with me important information and tips used by successful lawyers and business owners. Much of this information she used to develop and grow her own successful practice.
Jam L.
To say that Jane Muir is exceptional at her work is merely just a glimpse of what she entails as a professional. I never had the necessity to hire an attorney for any reason, and the one time that I really needed legal counseling, I seriously hit the jackpot with Jane. Not only is she informative, thorough, and a fighter, she is extremely kind and walked me through all of the legal terms and contracts that I otherwise would have failed to understand. After one meeting and a few calls, Jane has helped me surpass my issues
Jacqueline S.
Jane Muir is an awesome attorney ….she was very attentive always took my calls with a sense of urgency. 100% on my team and in my corner.
Loragecar F.
Jane Muir is an excellent attorney, she did a great job with my lawsuit. Would HIGHLY recommend!
Kyle Z.
Jane Muir gave me fantastic, sensible legal advice, following characteristically diligent research. She completely set me at ease in an otherwise stressful situation. Exactly what you look for in a lawyer.
Marshall M.
Jane Muir handled a small matter for me. Besides having earned my confidence in her abilities to get things done, she is also a pleasure to work with; she is friendly, has a great smile, and takes care of business. I would hire her again in a second!
Michelle M.
Sometimes in life you need a little hand holding. Truth is, most of us know nothing about courtrooms and legal matters, myself included. The whole experience can be scary and overwhelming. That’s why I reached out to Jane Muir to help me.

Jane is one of the brightest, most professional and caring people I know.
Amanda P.
I have had Jane Muir assist me in a series of legal dilemmas ranging from traffic violations to plotting a corporation. Her advice is has always been well founded and sound as well as successfully getting my traffic violations dismissed. I highly recommend her for anyone needing professional legal advice.
Justin L.
My review is specifically for Jane Muir. She is the legal consultant for my business. Basically we keep her and her practice on a month retainer and she takes care of (literally) everything for us. Jane is sweet and friendly to her clients while handling tough legal messes with grace.
Maxine V.
I was sued by a Miami vendor for work that I never requested. Since I am not located in Florida, I found Jane Muir through my brother-in-law​, (an attorney) and retained Jane Muir to defend me. She kept me informed of the progress of the lawsuit and did an excellent job of explaining my options. Not only did she prevail in the lawsuit in the end, but also the vendor paid me back some of my legal fees. It was a pleasure to be represented by the firm.
Dr. Andy L.
The professionals at Gersten & Muir have been very helpful to me and my business. Their guidance and efficiency helped organize all the paperwork and fees associated with starting a business as well as give me peace of mind that my company was off to a good start. I have known Ms. Muir for many years both personally and professionally, she always gives straight forward sound advice.
Alex H.
Such a pleasure working with this team of smart professionals. I would highly recommend them!
Jessica L.
Jane Muir was referred to me by a friend of mine who is also an attorney. I found them to be very professional, they provided me with excellent advice and were not looking to turn my small case into a big one. One thing that impressed me was that they asked for the facts and background information before we had our consultation. When we had our consultation she knew the facts and could advise me intelligently. It was a much more meaningful meeting as a result.
Bill G.


We care deeply about your success and are not scared to go to trial to protect what you value most. Because you know what they say, when in doubt…