What You Need to Know: Threats Your Technology Poses to Confidentiality and Attorney-Client Privilege

Confidentiality-and-Attorney-Client-PrivilegeJane Muir co-presented a webinar for the American Bar Association, entitled What You Need to Know: Threats Your Technology Poses to Confidentiality and Attorney-Client Privilege, which is authorized for ethics continuing legal education credits.


Technology poses an ever-increasing threat to the attorney-client privilege as well as confidentiality. Emails and social media profiles are usually the culprits when clients or attorneys waive their privilege and inadvertently disclose sensitive information. Additionally, utilizing an employer’s technology to communicate can serve as a breach for documents and communication.

The ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct should be referenced by attorneys who need guidance on protecting the privilege. This webinar will highlight the pitfalls that should be taken into consideration when using mobile devices, emails, social media, and cloud storage.

Join our panel as they discuss:

  • Protecting information while using mobile devices and cloud storage
  • Violations to consider when using an employer’s technology for communication
  • Educating your client and avoiding inadvertent disclosure

View the webinar here.

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