Miami Partnership Dispute Lawyer

When you go into business with someone, you establish a partnership with an end goal to grow and benefit the company.

At first, you may see eye-to-eye on all business matters, like how it should run and your day-to-day functions.

But eventually, as the business expands or your workload increases, you may start to disagree or even have friction with your partner. Conflicts that were once resolved easily and amicably now seem to linger, and the tension is growing.

You may wonder, How can we maintain a business relationship when we can’t agree? How do I protect my business’s reputation during a high-risk dispute?

These can be difficult questions to answer if there are no partnership agreements in place.

The attorneys at J. Muir & Associates can help you protect your company’s reputation by providing partnership dispute resolution and litigation services when you need them most.

Types of Partnership Disputes

A dispute can arise whenever two or more people are engaged in business. Whether it be something as simple as the business logo or as complex as mismanaging funds, there will come a time when business partners disagree.

While many business matters can be worked out internally, some things warrant the expertise of a Miami partnership dispute lawyer.

Here are some common types of disputes we see:

  • Breach of contract
  • Financial management disputes
  • Salary and profit distribution disputes
  • Fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Trade secret misappropriation
  • Ownership rights disputes
  • Differences in management or business styles

Partnership disputes are as unique as your company. We’ll help you prevent, mediate and litigate when necessary to protect your business.

Avoiding Partnership Disputes in Miami, FL

The best way to handle partnership disputes is to be proactive. You can proactively protect your business and relationships by establishing a partnership agreement.

This legal document should outline the following terms:

  • Length of partnership
  • Partner authority
  • Ownership percentage
  • Division of profit and loss
  • Buy-and-sell agreements
  • Decision-making and solving disputes

With an agreement in place, you determine how disputes will be resolved before they happen. This can save you time, money, and your reputation.

If you don’t have a partnership agreement for your business, our attorneys can help you establish one that works for everyone involved.

Recourse When Partnership Disputes Arise

Almost all individuals who decide to partner with another person have a shared vision for the goals they wish to achieve.

But circumstances change, and you may find yourself arguing and considering legal action. That’s where we step in, providing partnership litigation and conflict resolution services.

In most cases, partnerships and shareholder disputes can be negotiated to avoid litigation altogether.

Here’s how we’ll help.

Solution-Based Discussion

In most cases, both partners want what’s best for the company, but it’s easy to get caught up in the weeds and forget that you’re all on the same side. You may just need advice from a third party with experience and knowledge of business conventions to advise you on which direction to pursue.

You can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently by taking a solution-based approach to the problem at hand.

Legal Consultation

A contentious partnership dispute will require more than a meeting to resolve. You should consult a Miami partnership dispute lawyer when the stakes are high risk.

Our attorneys at J. Muir & Associates will review your options and advise you on the best way to protect your interests in this dispute.


In most partnership agreements, a mediation clause exists to avoid litigation or arbitration. It requires partners to seek intervention from a third party who will moderate discussions and encourage compromise to reach a resolution.

Mediation is often a practical solution to partnership disputes. When you find yourself out of ideas, our attorneys can provide mediation services to help you move past this.


Mediation can result in one of two ways: settling or an impasse.

An impasse happens when parties can not resolve the matter. When you’re at an impasse, the next step in your dispute resolution may be arbitration—allowing a private judge specializing in your industry to oversee the matter. This can be a way to quickly resolve a dispute. The downside of this option is that it is costly. Unlike litigation, where your tax dollars pay for the court staff and facilities, in arbitration, you have to pay the judge and all of the

The arbitrator will rule on what should be done to resolve the dispute and decide whether the partnership should be dissolved. Arbitration keeps your company’s arguments out of the public eye, but rulings on the matter are final.

Our attorneys can ensure your rights are protected by helping you prepare your case.

When Litigation is the Only Option

Litigation is costly, time-consuming, and can affect your company’s reputation. There’s no wonder why business owners try to avoid it altogether.

However, sometimes, partnerships can become so tainted that litigation is the only option.

You may consider litigation if:

  • Your partner stole money from the company
  • Your partner has violated your partnership agreement
  • Your partner’s actions have damaged the company’s reputation
  • Your partner is engaging in fraudulent activities

There may be several reasons why you choose to have your day in court. And when other dispute resolution tactics fail, you need a legal team to back you up.

At J. Muir & Associates, we are that team.

J. Muir & Associates: Providing Legal Representation in High-risk Partnership Disputes

Business partnerships often face disputes. Partners’ diverging views can cause conflicts that move beyond normal and healthy constructive dialogue when businesses expand, and new opportunities emerge.

If your business partnership is at risk, retaining a professional Miami partnership dispute attorney may be your best chance at success.

Contact our team at J. Muir & Associates today to schedule your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Partnership Disputes

Why do partnerships fail?

Business partnerships can be a breeding ground for conflict. When partners do not have the same vision for the future of their company or the same values, and they fail to establish legal protections for the partnership when going into business together, they can inadvertently put themselves in a position to fail.

What is a shareholder dispute?

A shareholder is an individual who has a financial stake in a company. Shareholder disputes may arise when shareholders disagree about how the company is governed, operated, etc. Shareholders have rights when disputes arise and can seek a resolution by mediation, arbitration, or litigation.