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Forbes Online Quotes Jane Muir about “Fine Print”


Christopher Elliott published an article on “fine print” in contracts on Forbes online platform on August 12, citing Jane Muir as a source.

“If you want to know why customers are bolting for the exits, talk to someone like Robert Barrows. He’ll offer fine-print examples businesses should follow — if they want to fail.

Barrows, an ad executive from San Mateo, Calif., recently had a bright idea for a new businesses venture. He pitched it to a large online retailer.

“I wrote them a letter about some proposals I had for some web-based projects,” he says.

The company referred him to an online form. Buried in the fine print, just above the “accept” button, was a release. It allowed the company to buy his idea — for $10.

“I didn’t submit the proposal,” he says.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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