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Investiture of Dawn Denaro – Happiness at Work


On October 5, 2018, Hon. Dawn Denaro celebrated her Investiture as a Judge on the 11th Judicial Circuit. The Hon. Bertila Soto, Chief Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit, presided over the Investiture. Former Judge Ariana Fajardo, who is now the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, delivered the invocation. Deborah Baker, member of the Florida Bar Board of Governors, spoke on behalf of the Florida Bar. Jane Muir, as Vice President, spoke on behalf of the Dade County Bar. Judge Christina DiRaimondo administered the oath of office. In attendance were State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, Public Defender Carlos Martinez, and numerous other luminaries, friends, and family of Judge Denaro.

Ms. Muir delivered this speech:

Judge Dawn Denaro is a brilliant jurist.[1] She is well-prepared, she listens and considers carefully the arguments and evidence in front of her, and she has excellent judgment.

But have you also noticed how happy she is? She is so happy! She loves coming to work!

Being happy at work is important. There are clear neurological links between feelings, thoughts, and actions. Studies suggest that if you’re not happy at work, you’re less productive, less creative, and more likely to get sick.

Dawn’s Happiness works as a catalyst. It gives her immense energy to work effectively. It enables her concentration. It enhances her compassion and wisdom. And her positive attitude brings happiness to everyone around her.

There is a consensus view about the key factors that lead to a happiness.

Happiness comes from building and using your strengths, and making progress. For eighteen years, Judge Denaro developed her trial and legal skills as an assistant state attorney, before taking the next step to become a county court judge. She is diligent and determined, and I am so happy to celebrate her progress to the circuit court bench today.[2]

Happiness comes from strong social relationships. Judge Denaro works with some of her best friends, Laura Stuzin and Christina DiRaimondo. They share her determination to be their best, and her fashion sense. Did you notice they all wore pink today?

happiness at work comes from the spirit of service. Work that contributes to achieving something really important, like Honor. Integrity. Respect. Justice.

No wonder Judge Denaro is so happy.

On behalf of the Dade County Bar Association and the Greater Miami Legal Community, thank you all for your service, and congratulations, Judge Denaro, on earning your new seat on the bench.

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