Fupping cites Jane Muir, “Charge More and Daily Routine”

daily routineZak Parker authored an article entitled, “How To Reduce The Number Of Hours You Work Without Sacrificing Quality” for Fupping.com, citing Jane Muir’s advice on Daily Routine.

Daily Routine

“Sometimes, the only person standing in the way of working less is yourself. Maybe you feel responsible for everything, or guilty when things don’t get done, or your perfectionism will not allow you to finish a project. If so, it’s time to sit yourself down and set some boundaries. Design a routine that will enable you to get your work done in a reasonable work schedule, while still making time to eat, sleep and exercise. Delegate. Set a deadline when a project must be done and send it out even if it is not perfect.”

Charge More

“The easiest way to reduce the number of hours you work is to charge more. You will earn more so you will be able to reduce your hours If you are concerned that you will lose clients by raising your rates, then go slowly. For example, you can raise your rates 15% per year and likely retain your clients. Even if the going rate for your service is below your new rate, be brave! You are worth it!”

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