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Buzzfeed Cites Jane Muir – How to Master Your Email


Jane Muir was included in an article by Yitzi Weiner for Authority Magazine, entitled “400 Tips To Master Your Email and Have a Stress-Free Inbox.” Jane’s tips were:

1. It is impossible to advance your own goals if you allow yourself to be distracted by requests for attention from others constantly arriving in your inbox. Start with the decision that you set your own agenda, and that agenda takes priority over the demands of others. Be proactive, not reactive. This attitude is what will enable you to best implement controls on your email.

2. Allow a trusted staff member access to review your inbox, and initiate tasks that can be delegated, like scheduling. In the old days, we had mail clerks who opened all of the mail and sorted it and tossed the junk. It still works with email!

3. Use filters and rules to pre-sort email. For example, Google Apps for Business can automatically forward to staff who need to respond or act and catalog emails into folders for you to check at regular intervals. You have to set up the rule or filter, but once it is in place it can save a lot of time.

4. Set times of day when you read and respond to emails. I try to limit my email review and responses to twice a day. If you cannot help yourself, there are apps like Boomerang that will pause your inbox so that you do not see the new emails arriving until your scheduled emailing time.

5. If you are going to be unavailable for a period of time, alert your clients in advance and set up a vacation response automatic email to tell people whom to contact in your absence.. There is a risk it could mark your domain as spam, but it’s worth it.

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