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Jane Muir Co-Hosts Over the Rainbow Event

Over-the-RainbowOn September 18, 2014, the Dade County Bar Association hosted its first “Over the Rainbow” event at the Miracle Theater in Coral Gables. The event welcomed nearly one thousand guests, who enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oevres, as well as networking opportunities, before the performance began.

During the event, the Gulliver Preparatory Dance Team, the Sundancers, performed several dance routines for the audience. The nationally award-winning competition team was fresh from winning the National Championship for Small Teams at the Contest of Champions.

Awards were presented to highly-respected attorneys and judges in the community

  • Chief Justice John Marshall Award – Judge Federico Moreno
  • Chief Justice Earl Warren Award – Judge Ronald Dresnick
  • Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Award – H T Smith, Jr.
  • Justice Louis Brandeis Award – Judge Steven Leifman
  • Justice Joseph Story Award – Hilarie Bass
  • President Abraham Lincoln Award – David Young
  • Justice Thurgood Marshall Award for Civil Rights – John Kozyak
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Judge William Hoeveler

A surprise performance from Judge Leslie Rothenberg, of the Third District Court of Appeal of Florida impressed the audience. She danced the Tango with a professional dancer that amazed and delighted the crowd.

All proceeds from the event benefitted Dade Legal Aid and the Historical Fund of the Dade County Bar Association. Dade Legal Aid is an entity that provides free legal services for the poor and underserved populations in Miami, such as victims of domestic violence. The Dade County Bar Association will celebrate its centennial next year. In order to commemorate the occasion, the organization has created a Historical Fund to support the publication of a book about the organization’s history. Dr. Paul George of History Miami has been selected to write the book. To learn more about the Dade County Bar Association.

Meet Attorney Jane Muir:

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