Best Tools and Techniques for Employee Security Awareness Training

Employee Security Awareness Training Phishing simulation training? Audits? Incentivizing training? We talked to 18 infosec leaders and asked them what the best tools and techniques for employee security awareness training are.

From cyber hygiene best practices to avoiding phishing attacks and social engineering attacks, the dangers of file sharing and cloud storage services, and more, there’s a lot for employees to be aware of when it comes to security. Add regulatory compliance into the mix, such as GDPR, and it’s no wonder employees have a hard time keeping up. That’s why security teams need to make employee security awareness training a priority, and given the ever-evolving security landscape, it shouldn’t be a once-and-done thing.

To help companies develop the most effective employee security awareness training programs, we reached out to a panel of InfoSec leaders and experts and asked them to answer this question:

Read on to find out what our experts had to say about the best tools and techniques you could be putting to work to improve employee security awareness training.

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“The obvious way to raise employee security awareness is…”

Through establishing guidelines, training, and auditing employees for compliance on a cyclical schedule. But sometimes, people and organizations have to learn the hard way. I have recommended that clients employ ethical hackers to expose their weaknesses and then present their findings to the group. These professionals understand how to look for vulnerabilities. There is nothing like personally experiencing a breach to teach employees to be careful.

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