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Not Sure Who to Propose as Your Client’s Court-appointed Receiver? Consider Business Lawyer Jane Muir


Florida Receivership



Client dealing with business conflicts and resulting legal issues?

Receiverships can be costly, or even devastating, to a business. You want to make sure your client’s business operations and assets are in good hands. But who should you propose as your client’s court-appointed receiver? If you want to ensure a smooth and successful process for your client’s issue, business lawyer Jane Muir is a good option.

Why Propose Jane Muir for Court-appointed Receivership?

In order to mitigate losses and ideally return the business to profitability, your client needs their court-appointed receiver to be skilled in both business dealings and the legal aspects of running a business in Florida.

So, why propose Jane?


Jane has been appointed receiver by several judges in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida, especially for family-owned businesses in divorce. Some examples:

Alicea vs. Rolon, Case No. 2022 DR 000200 DS

Appointed receiver of a restaurant with high cash receipts catering to Puerto Rican clientele in Kissimmee, FL by the Hon. Holly N. Derenthal and by agreement of the parties. Maintained operations uninterrupted, while bringing the restaurant into regulatory compliance. (Ongoing)

Balandina vs. Shchelkanov, Case No. 2021-021041-FC-04

Appointed receiver of a restaurant with significant cash receipts catering to Russian clientele in Sunny Isles Beach, FL by the Hon. Veronica Diaz and by agreement of the parties. Maintained operations uninterrupted, while bringing the restaurant into regulatory compliance. Modernized systems, including cash management procedures, proper bookkeeping (Quickbooks) and accounting, inventory, ticket, scheduling, and payroll system (Toast). Filed accurate tax returns, and paid all personal, business, and legal expenses of the couple for ten+ months. Responded to confidential third-party inquiry. All fee petitions resolved by agreement.

Martinez v. Martinez, Case No. 2017-13294-FC-01

Appointed receiver of a heavy equipment company by the Hon. Monica Gordo, and by agreement of the parties. Brought company into legal compliance, identified reasonable reorganization strategy for maximum profit (bare land lease), completed report and discharged within three months.

Colmenares vs. Morris, Case No. 2016-028025-FC-04

Appointed receiver by the Hon. Bernard Shapiro for a fitness company with two nutritional supplement retail locations, a line of fitness accessories, a gym, and a retail clothing location, by agreement of the parties. Approximately $150,000 in cash was seized by the U.S. Marshall Service seven days after the appointment, and Husband was accused of importing performance enhancing drugs from abroad. Successful recovery of cash sought for civil forfeiture, payment of creditors, and winding up.


What sets Jane Muir apart as a Receiver:

  • Professional reputation, recognition, and leadership result in trust and respect from the judiciary and the legal community.
  • Efficient and cost-effective, in the aggregate and by hourly rate
  • Extensive network of professionals in areas of medicine, hospitality, condominium, and law

Experience Managing Business Assets

  • Part of the receivership process is inventorying, securing, using, and hopefully preserving business assets during the legal process. The financial and legal aspects of company dealings are where business attorneys live and breathe, which means your client’s assets will be handled wisely and as profitably as possible with a business lawyer as their receiver. Jane Muir also has personal experience operating a law firm for 13+ years.

Knowledge of Florida Business Law

  • There are inevitably going to be some legal twists and turns during a court-ordered receivership process. Whether the issues have to do with the rules and concerns of the medical field, condominiums, hospitality, professional services, or some other business, having a receiver that’s knowledgeable and experienced in serving a variety of Florida businesses will be invaluable.

At J. Muir & Associates, Florida business law is our business. Let’s talk about what sets us apart to serve as court-appointed receivers.

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