4 Mistakes to Avoid in the Corporate Formation Process

Forming a new company is an exciting time. Unfortunately, it can be easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm about a new venture and forget some crucial steps to build a solid foundation for the new business. To make sure you do not accidentally overlook any critical details while creating your new business, we have listed four common mistakes you should avoid in the corporate formation process and their Read More

Shady Partners: 5 Red Flags that a Business Partner May Be Engaging in Fraud

Many entrepreneurs consider partnership to acquire capital, share responsibilities, and gain freedom. A prospective partner may have earned trust and built a relationship over time. Working with a business partner is often a rewarding experience. It is an entrepreneur's worst nightmare to discover that a partner has engaged in fraud. Fraudulent activities by a partner could put the other participants in a Read More

3 Unique Elements of SAAS Agreement

If you have ever clicked “Accept” for terms and conditions associated with a software application, then you have seen a SAAS (Software as a Service) contract. [1] This type of contract is a contract between a software developer and its user. While a SAAS agreement includes many of the same provisions and stipulations as a regular contract, it also has many criteria unique to technology-driven applications. So Read More

Employee Handbooks, Part 2: What to Include?

Last month, we discussed the role that Employee Handbooks play in an organization, the direct influence they have on company culture, and why every company should have one. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just HAVE a handbook, you also have to make sure that it contains all of the right information and outlines your policies effectively as it could be used in unemployment hearings, or even court. While Read More

Law Firm Data Security: Experts on How to Protect Legal Clients’ Confidential Data

Nate Lord wrote an article for the Digital Guardian, citing Jane Muir as an expert in Law Firm Data Security.[1] "For companies that provide services to clients, data security is always an important part of business. With lawyers and law firms, however, who are constantly entrusted with highly sensitive information about their clients as a course of business, the need for effective data security is of even more Read More

Employee Handbooks, Part 1: 6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs One?

An employee handbook is a valuable resource. Every company is subject to local, state and national employment laws, but these regulations typically set minimum expectations. A handbook assists with informing employees about what is necessary for their success. For the employer, a handbook enables the employer to set expectations, decreases the frequency of misunderstandings, and defines standards for professional Read More

How to Handle Partner Disputes Without Litigation

Collaborating with a partner is a popular and effective route to take when starting a business. The partners may have complimentary strengths that will enhance the business’s potential for success, and they may be personal friends and family, which can make the startup process exciting and fun. However, when a personal relationship exists, there may be little or no discussion of what to do should a dispute arise. Read More

5 Reasons Why Vendor Agreements are Important

Your ability to deliver your own goods or services to your clientele depends on your vendors. The quality of their deliverables enables you to satisfy your own clients, or if they are of poor quality, vendors can cost you business. One way to make sure your vendors come through is with a vendor service agreement. This type of contract outlines the expectations that a vendor must fulfill to be paid, with penalties for Read More

5 Key Situations Your Partnership Agreement can Help Avoid

Every business needs a partnership agreement to define your relationships as partners, outline your roles, and prevent disputes! Your agreement can be as brief or as thorough as you want, but as attorneys, we always advise our clients to err on the side of caution. It's better to be safe than sorry, after all. We've outlined a few common scenarios that can cause conflict within a company—and how you can prevent them Read More

5 Benefits of Hiring Outside General Counsel

You may be tempted to hire in-house counsel for your business. Knowing your attorney is on-site gives management a sense of security and a feeling that the attorney is actively involved, especially in highly regulated industries or entities that handle a high volume of contracts. For many businesses, the in-house counsel route is not practical. The best option is often to hire outside general counsel, whether it is Read More