Business Litigation

Providing Protection and Relief in Civil Courts

Our attorney ‘s main practice areas is civil litigation or business litigation. Because we are familiar with the disputes that can arise, whether between business owners and their clients, among partners or between businesses, we are able to prepare you to avoid litigation by having the appropriate agreements and protections in place. Our goal is to solve our clients’ problems—to prevail in their disputes, whether by resolving the problem before filing suit, settling a matter in litigation, winning at trial, or in some other equitable way. Most of the new rules allocate parental status without the need to litigate the issue.

Contract Enforcement

Interesting facts the simplest transaction involves a contract. Maybe it is only a handshake agreement, but you agreed to do something in exchange for some form of payment. If you did your part, but the other person did not follow through with his side of the bargain, our attorney can help you negotiate a settlement or file suit to make it right. Whether you want to enforce the contract and make the other party do what they promised or get your money back, we can help.

Fraud and Recovery

It is a shock to find yourself a victim of financial fraud. We have significant experience with fraud and asset recovery and work with investigators and consultants to search and secure assets for victims of fraud schemes. Addressing these vulnerabilities requires an understanding of corrupt practices and related law, to identify, define, investigation, and litigate these matters.


Contractors and subcontractors have the word “contract” in their name for a reason: all construction requires a contract. If someone has failed to pay for your work, a subcontractor has delayed the progress of your project or committed any other breach, we can help.

Intellectual Property

Is someone using your trade name without your permission? Have you spotted an article that you wrote in a publication? Is your art featured in a photograph as part of an advertising campaign? There are many ways that your intellectual property may be used illegally by another person. If the thief is in Florida, we can evaluate your options and seek to enforce your rights.


The most disappointing thing a client or customer can do is not pay your bill. You worked hard for your customer, invested time and effort into providing the customer with a service. You deserve to get paid for your work. If you have a customer who did not pay your bill, we can help.


It is hard enough to lose a loved one. Sometimes, the loss is accompanied by the discovery of a dispute among relatives. Perhaps someone took advantage of the decedent before they passed away, for financial gain. If you need assistance with probate litigation, we can help.


If you are facing harassment from creditors, wage garnishments or foreclosure proceedings, it can be overwhelming. We can help you restore your financial future and work to better your life. Jacqueline C. Ledón has helped thousands of individuals in the same situation and helped them work with their creditors and the courts to identify a way out.

Other Commercial or Business Litigation

We are also well-equipped to provide representation in other commercial litigation matters, and we can fight to get you the monetary or equitable relief you deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us work to defend you or your company’s rights in civil court.

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