How to Vote


The polls are open as of April 22! It is my pleasure to help you cast your vote for the Dade County Bar election.JaneMuir2014-300x296

Do you need to check to see whether you are a member? Click here to check to see whether you are on the list.

Would you like to learn more about my qualifications to serve as treasurer? Click here for a list!

You should receive an email that looks like this:

How to vote 1

If you did not receive your ballot, call the Dade County Bar Association offices at 305-371-2220. Follow the instructions and click the link to vote. You will be taken to a page that looks like this:

How to vote 2

Enter your password, or follow the instructions to recover your password.

How to vote 3

Click the grey box that says “Vote in Poll” and your browser will generate a ballot like this:

How to vote 4

When you have finished voting, click the grey box at the bottom right of the page that says “Review & Cast Ballot.”

How to vote 5

Finally, you will receive an email confirming that you have voted that looks like this:

How to vote 6

The polls will be open until 1 PM on May 9. Thank you for your vote!