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Coronavirus Claims and Contracts | Lawyers Near Me?

Lawyers Near Me?  If you have commercial liability insurance, it is possible that loss of revenue due to Coronavirus could be a covered loss. Michal Meiler, who is a member of Miami-Dade FAWL and an insurance coverage attorney with Ver Ploeg & Marino, gave a very detailed description of potential coverage options in our webinar on April 16. Jane Muir’s portion of the presentation deals with excuses for non-performance on a contract obligation, a brief overview of employment issues, and the options available for government aid. The webinar is geared towards attorneys, and was a collaboration between MD FAWL and the Dade County Bar Association, but it may be useful information for non-lawyers as well. You can review the slides from the presentation by clicking here and watch the webinar by clicking here, with the password r5!s5bX0.

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