When will Courts Pierce your Corporate Veil?

When will Courts Pierce your Corporate Veil and How to Avoid it It takes a lot to get a judgment against you – you have to be proven liable for committing a civil wrong under the facts and law of your case. [1] If this has happened to your company, then things have gone very wrong. But could they get worse? Maybe. “Piercing the corporate veil” is a phrase that comes from common law, that developed through court Read More

Why the FAA Drone Policies Are So Awful

Earlier this year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) fined Raphael Pirker $10,000 for flying a small Ritewing Zephyr, a remote controlled plane that retails for under $200. The fine was based on the careless or reckless operation of an “aircraft.” An administrative judge agreed with Pirker’s argument that his model plane was not an “aircraft” subject to the FAA’s rules, and dismissed the fine. Now the Read More

What Business Entity is Right for You?

What type of Entity Should you choose for your New Company? Every situation has it's own unique facts, and the type of entity you choose may be very important under your circumstances, but generally the most important thing about the entity you create is the contract it is based on. Allow me to explain: Title XXXVI of the Florida Statutes defines the types of business entities recognized by Florida. These include Read More

What happens when you get sued?

It is difficult to “get sued.” Usually, you can avoid having lawsuits filed against you by providing excellent customer service, quality work product, and handling your employees and vendors reasonably and politely. [1] If one of your customers, vendors, or employees complained to your company’s management or you, you might want to “lawyer up” right away. Why? Because a lawyer can help you save a lot of money by Read More

New Corporate Entities for Florida

Brand New Corporate Entities for Florida: Benefit and Social Purpose Corporations As of July 1, 2014, Florida became a member of the growing minority of states that has designed a special type of for-profit company that can have a purpose other than maximizing profits for the shareholders – the traditional corporate goal. Instead, companies can choose to make less money or defer profit to devote a portion of their Read More

Why Incorporate?

It is not absolutely necessary. It is possible to do business as a “sole proprietorship,” where you as a person just run the business. So what are some good reasons to incorporate your business? To limit your liability This is the number one reason why people incorporate. Running your own business as a sole proprietor leaves you with unlimited personal liability. That means, if your company loses a lawsuit and Read More

Do you really need a Contract?

Why do I need a contract? Common doubts and reasons to ignore them. “I have nothing to worry about, my partners/employees/customers would never do anything to hurt me.” Life is uncertain. Half of all marriages end in divorce. Doesn’t it stand to reason that business is also uncertain? You should not necessarily prepare for your colleagues and customers wanting to cause you harm. The likelihood is that you are a Read More

Peers Rate Jane Muir “Preeminent”

Peers Rate Jane Muir “Preeminent” Attorneys reviewed Jane Muir for her ethical standards and legal ability in Litigation, Business Law and General Practice, and gave her the highest “AV Preeminent” rating, according to Martindale-Hubbell. ® Martindale-Hubbell® has been surveying attorneys for peer review for more than 130 years. Their system begins with a rating of the “General Ethical Standards” of an Read More

Award Presented to Jane Muir

President’s Award Salutes Jane Muir’s Tenacity On September 27, 2014, Kayla Riera-Gomez, outgoing president of the Coral Gables Bar Association, presented Jane Muir with the President’s Award at the organization’s annual Installation Gala. This year’s award was unusual – a bronze statue of a bull – intended as a tongue-in-cheek illustration of the diligence, determination, and tenacity with which Muir has served the Read More

Dissolution of Marriage in Cuba

The rights of married women and divorcées in Latin American countries sometimes differ greatly from those in the US. In many cases, married women benefited more from historical Latin American protections than they would benefit from the “reformed” rights that took place in North America. Cuban marriage laws, however, stand in sharp contrast even to those of other countries in Latin America. One notable difference Read More